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It is a monoblock that can be customized for the design, specification, and size on request. It is available for OEM production, and it can also implement performance for customer convenience. Build your X-RAY system with our outstanding stability and excellent monoblock performance.

◎ Specification

- The general monoblock specifications are below

◎ Dental

X-Ray Tube Voltage70kV
X-Ray Tube Current6mA, 3mA, 2mA(for portable)
Input VoltageAC100-120V / 200-240V
Exposure TimeAvailable for multiple uses every 1.5sec
X-Ray LeakageLess than 100mR/h(SID 100cm)
Design and sizeCan be designed by request

◎ Industrial

X-Ray Tube Voltage30kV-100kV
X-Ray Tube Current2mA-5mA
Filament Inverter
Switching Frequency
Operating Temperature0 to +50°C
Storage Temperature-10 to + 60°C
Exposure TimeMaximum 24H(with cooling)
Cooling Methoodforced air cooling needed
(ex.extra fan)
X-Ray LeakageLess than 2.5uSv/h from the surface
(x-ray output section is excluded)
Design and size310*280*210mm, 30kg
Can be designed by request


X-Ray Tube Voltage50kV-120kV / Ripple±1%
X-Ray Tube Current2mA-10mA / Ripple±1%
Input VoltageAC100-120V / 200-240V
Maximum Scan Time30sec
Operating Temperature10 to +40°C
Storage Temperature-10 to +60°C
X-Ray LeakageLess than 10mR/h(SID100cm)
(x-ray output section is excluded)
Design and sizeCan be designed by request